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CM Gehlot Said – BJP Leaders Should Arrest Panchayati: We Are Not Saints They Said – There Is An Atmosphere Of Fear In The Streets Of The Country

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has hit back at allegations made by the BJP after Malikarjun Kharge became the national chairman of the Congress party. He said the BJP should take care of his house. They are not in such a position that they do unnecessary Panchayati. The BJP and RSS people had informed the British during the freedom struggle. New boys have arrived at their party. They do not understand. They must first learn to speak by reading the story. Otherwise, sensible people will laugh at him.
Gehlot said BJP people across the country are inciting young people in the name of religion and caste. For this reason, the future of the youth is being ruined. Today, in all the streets of the whole country, people whose religion is few. They can’t even sleep soundly. He is always afraid of not knowing what will happen to him. This is why we want the Prime Minister to appeal to the general public to live together. So that the atmosphere of communal harmony is maintained in the country.
CM Gehlot said that dissent and criticism are the ornaments of democracy. Our government is criticized and we gladly accept it. Because their reviews give us a chance to improve. But Modi Ji and Amit Shah do not listen to criticism. Due to this inflation, unemployment and tensions are increasing in the country.
The Chief Minister also spoke about the BJP’s protest over the MPs’ resignation. He said it was the President’s prerogative. There is a process for that, we will decide based on that.
He said that due to the closure of the old pension scheme, corruption has increased in the country. Because every employee has the feeling that after retirement, I don’t know how much money I will get. Public companies have been tied to the stock market. In such a situation, if the stock market goes down, when will you receive the pension? That’s why we put in place the old pension plan to give security to the employees.
I also briefed the Chief Minister of Himachal, Jai Ram Thakur, in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I told them both to have this plan reviewed so that joint employees can be relieved.
Chief Minister Gehlot also presented a clarification on the issue of the BJP taking political mileage for the organization of the rural Olympics. He said we are not saints. The government’s job is to plan for the benefit of the general public. I think the government should also take advantage of it. Tomorrow the BJP people will also demand the free medicine program they set up to win the election. But our goal is only to give good governance to the general public. So that the chances of repeating our government increase next time.
Gehlot said I wanted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to launch a rural Olympics modeled after Rajasthan. Even if he does not name him Narendra Modi Rural Olympics instead of Rajiv Gandhi. Modi Ji was also the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Compare the model of Gujarat with Rajasthan. Then they will be able to tell the difference between the models of Modi and Ashok Gehlot.

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