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Myanmar refugees smuggled into India: Mizoram residents also included in the racket

Refugees from Myanmar have also been found involved in smuggling to India. Some refugees from Myanmar, as well as militant organizations from the northeast, smuggle rare exotic creatures, drugs and foreign cigarettes into India. The Champai district of Mizoram, which shares a border with Myanmar, remains the main route for smuggled goods, including wild animals.
In 2020, 20.36 kg of heroin were captured in Mizoram via Myanmar. At the same time, 34.52 kg of heroin were caught in 2021. In the first half of 2022, around 20 kg of heroin were caught. Of those arrested for trafficking, 374 are citizens of Myanmar.
Mizoram Police Inspector General John Neihaliya said some drug deals have also involved many Mizoram residents in smuggling. He said most of the local Mizos who engage in illegal activities with refugees from Myanmar are people who have avoided crime. Now some Burmese incite them to commit crimes.
The borders of Mizoram and Myanmar are intertwined. There are also tribal ties between the inhabitants of the Mizo villages along the border and most of the refugees from Myanmar. Tribal groups like Chin are also related to each other. These people from Myanmar are also buying Benami land on behalf of their relatives living in Mizoram.
There are a total of 30,316 Burmese refugees in Mizoram. This includes 11,798 children and 10,047 women. They live in 156 relief camps set up by the state government. Myanmar refugees are selling orangutans, a species of monkey brought from Indonesia to other places from Mizoram at exorbitant prices. Refugees from Myanmar also smuggle dry betel nuts, drugs, clothing and Burmese cigarettes into India.
The smuggling from Myanmar to India is aided by the officers of the military dictator there. Smugglers entering India from Myanmar are covered. Smugglers are also forced to cross the border. A total of 12 Burmese nationals were apprehended by Mizoram police in 2021 with drugs. This number rose to 35 in August of this year.

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