News media begins broadcasting from Florida coast as Hurricane Ian makes landfall

Newsmax host Eric Bolling hit out at Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his remarks regarding Russia and Ukraine last week.

Bolling began his critique of Carlson by sharing his concern that the conflict was escalating into World War III.

“I’m very worried about a world war, a nuclear World War III where nobody wins,” Bolling said on ‘The Balance’ (h/t Mediaite).

“So when I see a fellow Conservative making statements that could incite a world war, a nuclear war. I have to call him. You should find out and maybe go to him and tell him to stand down.

During his monologue, Bolling played a clip from Carlson’s show airing on Russian state television as propaganda.

“Last Thursday, Tucker Carlson again blamed Ukraine for starting the war,” Bolling said. “And he continues to argue that America should cut all funding and military support to Ukraine.”

Bolling played various Carlson clips, including one where the Fox News host said Ukraine would not be able to win the war against Russia.

This isn’t the first time Bolling has sued Carlson for echoing what the Newsmax host might consider Russian propaganda. In April, he said Carlson had gone too far with his pro-Russian remarks.

“My comrade continues to push the lies that Putin and his propagandists exploit to show that, yes, some Americans are indeed siding with Russia in this war,” Bolling said.

“Last night, Tucker, you said our leaders always go too far, and I agree. But now I’m afraid you’ve gone too far too.

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